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Earl, Lindsay, Ava, Chase & Elle LaMora 

We hope you enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of our labor!

We get asked alot about how we started the farm- and although our story is really just starting we decided early on to share this adventure with our customers.  We chose the slogan 'grow with us' because it truly fits our young farm business perfectly.  We are not your typical operation, most of whom are multi-generational and have solid foundations and accumulated equity built over many years. In fact, we are anything but.

Just over 10 years ago we didn't own a single acre of land, didn't own a single piece of equipment, and although we both grew up with ties to the agricultural community, the idea of owning/operating a farm was not even an option we considered.  As high school sweethearts, Earl and Lindsay both worked for her father's orchard consulting business through college (and still do today while growing our farm at the same time).  Earl also worked for another local farm for several years during harvest and grew vegetables on the side, cultivating a passion for growing. 

In 2008, with full time jobs and baby #1 in tow, Earl and Lindsay rented 5 acres and purchased their first tractor, an open cab 1950's Ford which is still used daily at the farm.  The learning curve has been steep and it's fair to say that although we love what we are doing, we both underestimated how incredibly difficult it would be to start a farm from the ground up!  But each year we rented more acres, invested in more equipment, and became more committed to owning our own business. In 2013 Earl and Lindsay took a giant leap of faith and purchased our home farm, a 69 acre piece of land, with less than ideal existing orchard ground- and have since purchased an additional 3 pieces of contiguous property, expanding our farm to just about 100 acres, much of which will be replanted entirely over the next 10 years.  

In 2014, just before the arrival of baby #2, Earl built Lindsay a small roadside stand- and even though we didn't have alot of experience growing anything but apples, we found we loved growing a variety of things and developing a small market in our community.  Luckily, our community was overwhelmingly supportive of our little venture, and we outgrew that homemade stand after just 1 season.  In 2015 we purchased and modified a large gazebo to replace our stand and the Garden Gazebo was established.  2017 called for the addition of 2 additional gazebos to keep up with the increasing demand for our increasing produce offerings.  Also in 2017, we expanded into the u-pick market, opening our doors to u-pick strawberries in the summer and then u-pick apples & pumpkins in the fall, while welcoming baby #3 in between.  We also began a blog, entitled "Out on a Limb" to document and share the how's, what's and why's of what we do and ultimately how the produce we grow goes from our fields to your families (and ours).  We enjoy sharing bits and pieces of what farming in the 21st century entails- including everything from our growing practices to our favorite family recipes.  

So what's next for LaMora Farms? Come 'grow with us' and see!!